Captain TMT Bars

Captain TMT Bars ranging from 5.5mm diameter to 32mm diameter are produced from C-15 and C-20 billets at our own Steel melting shop conforming to (IS 2830:1992) to produce re-bars in the grade Fe-600 EQR which is as per IS 1786:2008. Our bars can be used in all forms of construction like building houses and apartments, industries, dams; bridges, highways and other infrastructure projects. These bars are earthquake resistant.


Captain Rings

As part of a forward integration of the product and to add value to the offering, ready to use Captain TMT Rings have been introduced with a focus on savings of cost and time. Made at the same plant where Captain 600 EQR is produced, these TMT Rings help reduce the construction time significantly. They also help in checking wastage and save labour cost.

Available in the following sizes
Section Size (inch) Bundle (25pcs.)approx wt.
6mm 4*4 2.500 kg
7*4 3.300 kg
7*7 4.050 kg
8mm 4*4 4.750 kg
7*4 6.100 kg
7*7 7.625 kg
7*9 8.400 kg
10mm 7*4 9.650 kg
7*7 12.000 kg


Captain Wiro

Captain Wipro is a superior quality wire for tying TMT bars that combine ductility and strength and is convenient to use. It has a uniform and consistent diameter with a higher length per kg to ensure a greater number of tie-ups. Our secure packaging keeps the quality intact.